Thursday, February 7, 2008

O my peoples!!

"Telegnomic Alchemy" by Paul Laffoley

"Enlightenment is all we have, & even that we've had to rip from the grasp of corrupt gurus & bumbling suicidal intellectuals.

As for our art--what have we accomplished, other than to spill our blood for the ghostworld of fashionable ideas & images?"-Hakim Bey The Radio Sermonettes

Beauty is so pervasive that youve forgotten how ugly you can make things- I think Baberaham Lincoln said that

What does art mean anyways?
The definition of art supplied by wikipedia in the above linkage does a decent job at pointing the way to the mimetic symbol/archetype language and beyond where there are no words left to relay the experience of the complex system that is the dynamic of psychic cooperation and energy symbiosis behind the imaginary lines of the interplay of artist/audience.

The actual goal of art is something beyond all sign and symbol shade or tone...

What do you think?



Anonymous said...

hey df!

what's poppin' punk?

Df Killswitch said...

Same thing we do every night pinky...

Anonymous said...

in the meantime, meditating on your question "can art create a new ape?" i came up with this.

i call it my mANTaFESTO coz i am so goddam witty & shit.

Anonymous said...

also, apes make wicked art coz they can hold the paint brushes with their toes or whatevers.

Df Killswitch said...

Hey Rosa

Youre a weird lady! =) Are all australian chixx as weird as you or have you mutated like me?

What, seriously speaking, do you think caused you to become different than so many of the fine upstanding citizens you are surrounded by?

what is the catalyst for your particular internal uprising Rosa?

Voronoff the GhostCritic said...

meow! Yowza!
So inspiring! I am a mutated ape too, somehow I let those visions take hold and now I find myself Living Art, transforming into a moving sculpture, trippin out all the kiddies....
Art is anything we do, put two or more things together and that is a collage, construct reality and that is a masterpiece. manifest the change you wish to see in your own life and transmute the ickiness and make it love love.