Monday, February 11, 2008

Chines curses bedamned!!!!!!!!

Wooooah these are some interesting times to live in!!!! I mean this is the 21st century yall and all the predictions, all the karma, all the dharma its all cooming down the pipeline, all pouring in at once like a storm surge. Time to head for the metaphorical hills boys and girls!!

Im going to say something completely paradoxical which means it might be true!

If all you are doing is living day to day then you are fucking up, if you re doing anything other than living day to day you are fucking up. Riiiight?

I am the happiest I have ever been about being really fucking busy, as I am busy for all the right reasons ie all the reasons I want to be.

i enjoyed cursing a lot in my blog this time I hope you enjoyed reading it

If you are a "dj" somewhere in cyberland and you are trying to move crowds with that fake shit you better watch out because I am coming for every last one of you.

You cant hide from me because im too far ahead, I know all your moves...

Thursday, February 7, 2008

O my peoples!!

"Telegnomic Alchemy" by Paul Laffoley

"Enlightenment is all we have, & even that we've had to rip from the grasp of corrupt gurus & bumbling suicidal intellectuals.

As for our art--what have we accomplished, other than to spill our blood for the ghostworld of fashionable ideas & images?"-Hakim Bey The Radio Sermonettes

Beauty is so pervasive that youve forgotten how ugly you can make things- I think Baberaham Lincoln said that

What does art mean anyways?
The definition of art supplied by wikipedia in the above linkage does a decent job at pointing the way to the mimetic symbol/archetype language and beyond where there are no words left to relay the experience of the complex system that is the dynamic of psychic cooperation and energy symbiosis behind the imaginary lines of the interplay of artist/audience.

The actual goal of art is something beyond all sign and symbol shade or tone...

What do you think?


Friday, February 1, 2008

LeTs MaKe a SpEctAcle of oUrselVes!!

Are you an Artist?
Do you coagulate
the comingling
cosigns of
light and shade
sound and silence?

Lets make a spectacle of ourselves!
If you are indeed an artist, now is the time, start now if you havent already, rebegin the end of your beginnings and be reborn.

Take your Art to the people!

Find other artists in your area and use your collective drawing power to put on shows that are overflowing with passion, context, and god forbid meaning.

In my o so humble opine the arts were never meant to be seperated in the first place, and can have a more quantum multi-layered effect on an audience than any one alone. Since the diaspora of cave art in the ?late neolithic? the arts have been more and more seperate and more and more about ego attachment to an artists brand or style.

For reflections on this and much more go check out Audible Hype, a site dedicated to the art of DIY promotion and marketing, I guarantee you its twice as good as anything else youve seen on the subject and if I am wrong please let me know!!

If you live on the west coast and you consider yourself a talented artist and would like to perform with us this summer on our west coast tour please contact me at or click here to check out Aaron Voronoffs visionary tugging at the taboo edges of what art really is, or here for Josh Rizebergs smooth lyrical stylings.

Aaron and I conceived of this project many moons ago but it is only recently that we have began to work together to make it REAL.


Love to All... Fear of None


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Will the world End in 2012?!?!?!?

While I am mulling over the vast array of options I have in the blogosphere, I wanted to leave you with my thoughts on a very potent subject as follows.

Anyone who truly thinks "the world will end in 2012" or any other time is buying into a hysteria and a reactionary state of mind much like that which accompanied the millennial shift and all of these other cattle-like stampedes that people with limited ability to think for themselves are subject to.

The changes that are coming will be catclysmic only for those holding onto old paradigms, I have come to think that the age of the technomutant is truly upon us and its time to change everything that does not befit the behavior of the guardians and keepers of this beautiful world we live in. Not to mention the children of the stars we truly are...

The future is now and even then it will be now

so open your eyes and see the miracle unfolding around you as it is, break down all the dichotomy of your thinking and realize where you really come from.

Love to All... Fear of None

Monday, January 28, 2008


Same show, better flyer, same threat...
Come to this show or I will eat your brains to piecess!!!

On a lighter note, I am deliberating over how I want to execute my jump into official .comness, while running multiple blogs, two jobs, lotsa hobbies, many responsillybillyties, and keeping my girlfriend happy all at the same time. I would put a link to the wordpress I set up but it wont look much like that when its done so I wont bother.

Once again if anyone reading this has some solid advice id love to hear it!!

You are my brothers and sisters whether you know it or not

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Processing...need input

If you live in Tacoma and you dont come to this show then I will eat your brains!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am currently in the process of moving my blog, I was partway through getting my wordpress set up when I realized I wasnt the biggest fan of their interface, I think Im gonna research a little more about whatever they are using over at Back Brain Media and figure out the meaning of everything and then itll be good-good at the end of the day!! ;~)

Any suggestions about the blogosphere or anything else?


Monday, January 14, 2008

Excerpt of a debate-Can Peaceful Protest Change Our Course?

This is what I had to say, I havent had the chance to ask his permission to print what he said but lets say it got a bit heated, he used the word Gaaaaaaaaaah to express his frustration at one point, always a sign of a good debate!

"I dont know if violence can ever be removed from the animal world, I just think that the use of violence for political and religious manipulation and domination must end. I really am not sure about that being achieved peacefully.

The contradiction of waging a war to end war is a contradiction I have been painfully aware of for a long while. I try to be the change and teach and inspire others to do the same, thats what I do, in my life and my music, my words and deeds..."

"My personal point by the way is not to raise support for anarchism or any other ism, I am concerned with HONEST QUANTALOGUES and raising the stakes and the level of awareness on and all subjects that involve humans living a better life and EVOLVING for f$!!%^ sake!!!!!Wanted to make it clear that I am not giving lipservice out of the basis of blind belief in any political or social system, thats what has got us into this mess in the first place."

"The only people who think that lies murder and intimidation inflicted on the American people and the Native people we have tried to subjugate is justified are the lovely people over at the NWO.

We have the right and obligation to see that this country recieves both its biological and philosophical legacy wholly intact.

I personally dont want to hurt anyone but if attacked I will defend myself
I have often said the only time I would think about joining the armed forces was if this country was attacked by a large multi-stage occupying force, you know the only kind that has even a mild chance of landing an effective beachhead?

Also anybody who thinks MLK is a wussy doesnt know the first thing about him
It would be a sweet world indeed my friend if the mere peaceful presence of the truth could prevail but there are people who have truly made themselves the enemy of a persons right to understand themselves and express themselves and live life FREELY!
I dont think gathering in the millions with a song on our throats will persuade them, even though I wish it would..."
What do you think?