Monday, January 28, 2008


Same show, better flyer, same threat...
Come to this show or I will eat your brains to piecess!!!

On a lighter note, I am deliberating over how I want to execute my jump into official .comness, while running multiple blogs, two jobs, lotsa hobbies, many responsillybillyties, and keeping my girlfriend happy all at the same time. I would put a link to the wordpress I set up but it wont look much like that when its done so I wont bother.

Once again if anyone reading this has some solid advice id love to hear it!!

You are my brothers and sisters whether you know it or not

1 comment:

AaroVoro said...

awww. you were gonna eat brains AND be dj? that would have been a funny layer to add to our abztraktsynergy.
well yea you got lots on yo plate yo.
why don't you just condense the whole phreakin thing into artphreax bro, streamline it..sure there are other options, i know nothing.
and pretty soon you can quit your jobs cause we will be a world-reknowned recognized well paid bandartcarnival and all this will seem petty compared to the bigbudget weeklong festivals in the woods we will host to bring the revolution fullcircle and back to the treeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssss...