Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Will the world End in 2012?!?!?!?

While I am mulling over the vast array of options I have in the blogosphere, I wanted to leave you with my thoughts on a very potent subject as follows.

Anyone who truly thinks "the world will end in 2012" or any other time is buying into a hysteria and a reactionary state of mind much like that which accompanied the millennial shift and all of these other cattle-like stampedes that people with limited ability to think for themselves are subject to.

The changes that are coming will be catclysmic only for those holding onto old paradigms, I have come to think that the age of the technomutant is truly upon us and its time to change everything that does not befit the behavior of the guardians and keepers of this beautiful world we live in. Not to mention the children of the stars we truly are...

The future is now and even then it will be now

so open your eyes and see the miracle unfolding around you as it is, break down all the dichotomy of your thinking and realize where you really come from.

Love to All... Fear of None


Steve Mills said...

The 2012 story will only benefit those who are selling 2012 Eschaton style books.

It 2012 right now if you want it to be. People get hold of this end of time, singularity,2012 thing and start making uo assertions about it, and then passing them off as fact.

AaroVoro said...

i personally have no problem with the end of time it is up to us to trans-mute and trance-send the outward obsession with linear time into a new mode of the thinking in cyclical reaction action antiaction function nutrition of creative activation unification of artmusicwords....this is the new now pure now art ladies and gentlemen......